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    Debris At Bottom Of Pool With Sand Filter Using Zeobrite. I tried cleaning sand right after vacuuming and tried vaccuming to WASTE but it still Zeobrite of the same particle size will filter to around 15 microns, with sand More details » Get Price

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    11/06/2012· Problems with zeobrite or zeobest Post by TSH Pool Tech » Fri 24 Jun, 2011 21:10 I am a swimming pool technician in the Northern California area with a few clients in our business that we have setup with Zeobrite sand filters.

  • Zeo Filter Cleaner Bio-Dex Laboratories, LLC.

    The filter cleaner is safe for your pool’s equipment and will effectively clean and recharge Zeobrite, sand and additional Zeo media so that they can perform at the highest possible efficiency. Your water will be cleaner and easier to manage when you keep your filter properly clean by using the product on a yearly basis. Zeo Filter Cleaner

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    12/09/2012· Pool Sand Filter Tips, Tricks & Troubleshooting, Sand Filter Part 1 Duration: 9:10. Swimming Pool Tips, Reviews & How To SPL 597,315 views

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    Yes, you can use it with Zeobrite. Bacquacil is a Bacquanide which creates a polymer gum that can adhere to the rough surface of the media, therefore regular cleaning of the media is necessary. We recommend cleaning the Zeobrite at least every 60 days, or every month if needed, with a high quality soaking sand filter cleaner. Follow the

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    Zelbrite FAQ's Why should I use Zelbrite instead of sand in my filter? Zelbrite is the filter media of the future and has much more to offer. The performance of D.E. with the ease of sand. Better filtration (3 microns) means a saving in chemicals usage and better looking water.

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    ZeoSand Filter Cleaner cleans and recharges ZeoSand sand filter media. Quickly removes scale and oils to extend filter cycles and the life of your ZeoSand sand filter media. 1 quart will treat up to 24 inch pool sand filters. For filters 30-36 inches use 2 quarts.

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    5/05/2011· I added white filter sand to the bottom and then returned the zeobrite to the top of the sand. The brown discoloration is slowly disappearing though it seems it is of such a fine character that it is extremely slow. Other observation: The particles of zeobrite are very much smaller than they were and more rounded. My water supply is from a

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    Sand Filters are the most commonly used filters for cleaning swimming pools, because of the ease of backwashing or cleaning the filter. In this method, impurities are extracted from the water utilizing sand to collect and attract the debris. Sand filters must be backwashed (running it in reverse) to unload the water waste. This is a manual process that must be performed every few weeks. Sand

  • ZeoSand Natural Zeolite Filter Media ZEO Inc.

    ZeoSand is a 100% natural zeolite and a highly efficient filter media that is proven for use as a sand replacement in recreational water, drinking water, and industrial applications. ZeoSand's huge surface area which is more than 100 times greater than sand traps more and finer dirt than sand. The natural molecular sieving of ZeoSand removes pollutants by ion exchange.

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    Sand isn't the only material you can use in your swimming pool filter, and one of the most common alternatives is zeolite, a filter medium that could increase the filtration capacity of your pool filter.Let's explore the alternatives to standard pool sand and see how they could benefit you as a pool owner.

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    16/05/2013· No change. Then I tried letting it soak with filter cleaner for 48 hours. Still no change. Then I opened the filter one last time to replace the Zeobrite with sand. The zeobrite was rock hard in many places. I also put Zeo in the filter in 2009. My pool is nearly clear now after three days of using regular sand. I will never used Zeobrite again.

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    15/06/2013· 20k, I/G vinyl liner pool. moderate algae on start up mid to late may. Ive shocked and added algaecide to where its now a hazy blue.I can see heavy particulate in the water at night using a bright light. I currently have a Hayward sand filter with 100lbs of zeobrite that's about 4 yrs old now. I don't feel my filter is doing its job and want some advice on weather to change out to straight sand.

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    Why Your Pool Filter Sand May Not Need Changing If you are changing your filter sand due to your pool pump or pool cleaner is not working properly, first try the following test to determine if your filter sand is definitely the problem.

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    19/05/2012· Ok, getting ready to start season 3 of Zeobrite. Last Year the pool store sold me E-Z Clor Enhanced Filter Cleaner which I did not use. Now the owner told me to open my filter by removing the valve pour the 32 ounce bottle in and fill with water and let sit for about 12 hours.

  • ZeoSand Pool Filter Sand Alternative ZeoLite Mineral

    ZeoSand filter media granules feature a larger surface area and a significantly greater internal porosity than silica sand. ZeoSand filter media will significantly enhance the filtration capabilities of your swimming pool sand filter, providing you with remarkably clean water.

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    A 15kg bag of Zelbrite is equivalent in volumer to a 20kg bag of sand. Most filters have a name plate which will give you the size of the tank, e.g. 24in and also specify the amount of sand required, for example 140kg, which is 7x20kg bags of sand, or 7x15kg bags of Zelbrite. How well does Zelbrite filter

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    25/11/2019· After 7yrs of sand I need to replace the media and am leaning towards the Zeolite. A question should I put a coarse type (non Zeolite) bed into the filter and then top up with Zeolite ? If I don't use Zeolite and keep with sand, should I do the same, ie a coarse (small rock type) media at the base. My housing takes 175kg of sand media

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    Filter Manufacturers have always recommended sand changes every 4-6 years. Zeolite is as hard as sand so it will last just as long. FREIGHT NOTE if you would like to purchase Zeolite Filter Media you will need to call us on 02 9970 5115 to arrange delivery. Flat fee of $10 does not apply to filter media as the regular courier will not deliver

  • Fliter Sand, HTS vs. Zeobrite??

    29/06/2010· I have successfully completed my Baqucil conversion. I am here to tell you I have not seen my pool look so good since we first put it in. Anyhow, it is time to change the sand. I priced all around, but hardware stores, for the filter sand. Can anyone tell me if they have had experience with the expensive Zeobrite ( may be spelling wrong?) about $45-$50 for 50 lbs, but equals 100 lb.?

  • Zeobrite: The Cost Saving Alternative to Traditional

    Zeobrite Sand Filter Media boasts many features that ordinary silica sand cannot compete with. Primarily the ability to filter water down to 4 microns. Another great property is Zeobrite's structure with small openings that trap dirt and chloramines. Chloramines are ammonia from sweat that combine with chlorine. The result is that foul locker


    ZEOBRITE ® POOL FILTER MEDIA (NaCl). A filter cleaning solution should be prepared using a sand filter cleaner purchased at your local pool supply store that removes scale, organic matter and oil build-up. We recommend using a filter cleaner that soaks in the bed overnight. Preparing the solutions (Regeneration and Cleaning combined into one step): 1. Mix salt into water until dissolved

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    Pool Sand Or Zeobrite Extreme Sand by Thomas I am having a pool installed and the pool builder is installing a hayward with a 24" filter. my question is should I go with sand or I was thinking of using zeobrite extreme. what is the best option. the area where pool is going is very sunny and very little debris from trees. only debris is some pine needles.

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    Zeobrite® can function as a rapid-rate or slow-rate filter media; Conservation of Water. Backwash to achieve a clean bed is performed rapidly with air sparge and 20 percent bed lift. Once the bed is broken up with surface scour and /or air sparge, Zeobrite® cleans in 5 to 6 minutes with 15 to 18 gpm/ft2 water flow. Benefits of Using Zeobrite®

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    Zelbrite is also packed for companies under their own label. Zelbrite is the ONLY pool filter media on the market with all these water saving approvals No other swimming pool filtration medium on the market provides 'three mechanisms' for effectively cleaning pool water: