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    OperationApplicationsTechnologyExampleEffectsPreparationThe main difference between this gouging technique and the others is that a separate air jet is used to eject molten metal from the groove. Air carbon arc gouging works as follows. An electric arc is generated between the tip of a carbon electrode and the workpiece. The metal becomes molten and a high velocity air jet streams down the electrode to blow it away, thus leaving a clean groove. The process is simple to apply (using the same equiSee more on twi-global

    the inventor of arc gouging and exothermic cutting. Arcair and SLICE products are synonymous with the air-carbon arc gouging and exothermic cutting processes. Manual torches, cables and holders

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    Air carbon arc gouging equipment uses a process that is flexible, efficient, and cost effective on practically any metal; carbon steel, stainless steel and other ferrous alloys . The Carbon Arc Gouging Process. Removing material through the use of mechanical means can be impractical when a large volume of material excavation needs to be performed. Delving out thick sections of material, long

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    Arcair . Arcair is a brand of St. Louis-based Victor Technologies International, Inc., the world's largest supplier of cutting and welding equipment.The brand is home of products such as carbon arc gouging systems, exothermic arc cutting systems, underwater cutting torches, welding electrodes and more!

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    How Does Air Carbon Arc Cutting Work?Applications and Products of Air Carbon Arc CuttingBenefits of Air Carbon Arc CuttingReferencesIn this process, an intense arc is used to form a molten pool on a metal workpiece, and compressed air is used for blowing the molten metal thoroughly from the metal surface. It is important that the metal is only gouged or cut along the airflow direction. Moreover, appropriate arc length has to be maintained to completely remove the molten metal.The components required for air carbon arc cutting are listed below:Power source Air carbon arc cutting requires a three-phase welding power sourc...
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    Air carbon arc cutting, also referred to as metal arc gouging, and previously as air arc cutting, is an arc cutting process where metal is cut and melted by the heat of a carbon arc. Molten metal is then removed by a blast of air.It employs a consumable carbon or graphite electrode to melt the material, which is then blown away by an air jet.

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    Extreme-Duty Applications AirArc’s rental welders, positioners and specialty products have been engineered and built to provide Extreme-Duty performance and reliability in the harshest environments. Used Equipment If you are interested in good quality used equipment, AirArc is the place to come. We have access to a wide selection of

  • Air Carbon Arc Cutting: Fundamentals, Industrial

    Air carbon arc cutting is a process of removing metal by means of heat generated from a carbon arc. This process employs a carbon/graphite electrode, compressed air and a standard power source. The intense heat arc created between the electrode and a metal workpiece cuts and melts the workpiece. At

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    Arc cutting and gouging supplies are used to cut and remove layers of existing metal from a workpiece. They are typically used in foundry applications to remove welds, prepare joints and edges for welding, and repair defects. Gouging electrodes are inserted in arc gouging torches to position and form a carbon arc that melts the metal material. The torches use compressed air


    Air carbon-arc gouging began in the 1940s, evolving from the existing carbon-arc cutting process. Myron Stepath, a welding engineer, developed air carbon-arc gouging to remove several hundred feet of flat, cracked, stainless steel weld. Previously, carbon-arc cutting removed overhead and vertical defective welds and rivet heads. The carbon-arc

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    Summary: Air carbon arc cutting is an arc cutting process in which metals to be cut are melted by the heat of a carbon arc. The molten metal is removed by a high velocity blast of compressed air. The air jet is external to the consumable carbon-graphite electrode.

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    2015-06-12· This video shows you how to set up a carbon arc gouger (CAC-A) using a Shielded Metal Arc Welder (SMAW, Stick) as a power source. Thanks for watching and subscribing to TVWeld.

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    Cutting equipment includes Tomahawk plasma cutters, Spirit plasma cutting systems from Burny, motion and shape cutting controllers, and genuine torch consumables for plasma torches. Handheld and mechanized air plasma cutters are portable for fast and precise cutting of mild steel, stainless, brass, copper, and aluminum on the jobsite.

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    There are times when I want to cut something apart that is really heavy and welded together with deep, penetrating welds so much so that it's hard to do with a cutting tourch. I'm guessing this is where the air arc would come in. I've never even seen anyone using an air arc so what else do I need to get equipment wise?

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    Arcair now under the ESAB umbrella, invented arc gouging back i 1949 and has been the leading name in metal removal and cutting ever since. ArcAir provides a complete line of air-carbon arc products for the wide-ranging gouging needs of fabrication plants, shipyards, railroads and farms.

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    2013-06-07· All About Carbon-Air Arc Gouging Carbon air arc & dual shield wire on an excavator bucket *with lots of explanations * R.I.P. Steve Duration: 14:23. ZILA 9,770 views. 14:23. Make Double

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    Arcair now under the ESAB umbrella, invented arc gouging back i 1949 and has been the leading name in metal removal and cutting ever since. ArcAir provides a complete line of air-carbon arc products for the wide-ranging gouging needs of fabrication plants, shipyards, railroads and farms.

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    Hot environmental conditions at the work place can be caused by air temperature, radiant heat, humidity and air movement. Welding and cutting operations, and in particular plasma arc cutting, are known to produce heat. Prolonged exposure to heat along with physical activity and clothing can increase the internal body temperature which may lead

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    Choosing a gouging method. Advantages and disadvantages of plasma, air carbon-arc gouging. Plasma gouging and air carbon-arc gouging have their advantages and disadvantages. The most distinct differences are in cost, fume production, and necessary post-cutting operations.


    may not work for air carbon arc gouging (CAC-A). However, any three-phase welding power source of sufficient capacity may be used for air carbon arc gouging. The arc voltage used in air carbon arc gouging and cutting ranges from a low of 35 to a high of 56 volts; thus the open-circuit voltage should be at least 60 volts. The actual arc voltage

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    Arcair Professional Angle-Arc ® K4000 is part of the manual gouging torch & cable assemblies offered by the industry leader in the air carbon-arc products. It's the most copied manual gouging torch & cable in the world. BUY NOW. Featured. IMPROVED TORCH AIR FLOW More efficient use of air supply.

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    Lincoln Electric Idealarc R3R 600-I Air Arc and MMA Welding Machine; Air Arc Gouging Equipment. Lincoln Electric Idealarc R3R 600-I Air Arc and MMA Welding Machine; Kemppi Tylarc 653 for Hire: Air Arc Gouging Power Source, Cables and Equipment for Site; ESAB LHF 800 Air Arc Gouging Machine For Hire; Plasma Cutting Equipment


    Do not cut or gouge to prepare for welding or remelting unless you mechanically remove the surface layer from the cut/gouge surface . NOTE If you preheat for welding, preheat for gouging TRAVEL PRINCIPLES OF AIR CARBON ARC WORKPIECE (-) AIR 80 psi ALWAYS UNDER THE ELECTRODE COPPER PEEL BACK 3/4" TO 2" STICKOUT 7" MAX TORCH

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    2004-06-08· They include the initial expense of a plasma cutting system, the lower metal removal rate compared to air carbon arc gouging, and the practice and skill required to master the technique. Plasma Arc Cutting. To understand plasma arc gouging better, it's helpful to understand plasma arc cutting (PAC). PAC is a thermal cutting process that uses a

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    arc welding, plasma arc cutting, gouging or welding, and ; air carbon arc cutting. For gas cutting, welding, or brazing, the intensity of the light is much less than from arc welding, cutting or gouging processes. Lighter shade filter lenses can be used with goggles in place of a helmet.

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    The intense heat produced by this reaction sustains the cutting process and the production of the cut. Common oxy-fuel cutting applications are limited to carbon and low alloy steel. These materials can be cut economically, and the setup is quick and simple. For manual oxy-fuel gas cutting there is no electric power requirement and equipment