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    Lifting Equipment Let our products lift the heavy items for you. Reduce manual handling risks by introducing equipment that can carry twice the load. Our lifting range ensures you’re working efficiently and effectively.

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    Important Things to RememberWeight of ObjectsAwkward PosturesHigh-Frequency and Long-Duration LiftingInadequate HandholdsEnvironmental FactorsAdditional Resources1. Use mechanical means (e.g. hand trucks, pushcarts, etc.) when possible for heavier or awkward loads. Remember to obtain training and authorization before using a forklift. 2. It is easier and safer to push than to pull. 3. Keep loads as close to the body as possible and do not twist while lifting, carrying, or setting down a load. Nose, shoulders, hips, and toes should all be facing the same direction. 4. Minimize reaching. 5. As a general rule, bend at the knees, not th
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    Counterbalance Floor, Workshop Cranes They are a portable item of lifting equipment at provide a cantilever lifting hook forward from the front of the crane chassis where other lifting products are unsuitable. There is a wide choice of options available including power lift and power travel. The Counterbalanced crane design allows the operator freedom to work very close to

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    Mobile Hydraulic Floor Crane for sale, buy shop cranes, portable Davit Cranes, jib cranes, industrial lifts, Material Handling Cranes, Glass Lifting, Counter Balanced Floor Crane, Manual Push Electric Crane, Below The Hook Lifting Device, Lifting Equipment, Vertical Winch, Overhead Lifting device, Portable Industrial Hoists, Full Powered w

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    Tool Spring Balancers / Load Balancers . Quick Ref: CN-451 A tool spring balancer are a type of lifting equipment that will take the weight (neutralise the weight) of a tool or equipment which is attached to it and this is achieved by applying the correct tensioning a spring of the tool balancer. Because the tool spring balancer now takes the load effectively the item is now

  • 550kg Counterbalance Floor Crane CBFC SafetyLiftinGear

    LIFTINGEAR 550kg Counterbalance Floor Crane. Counter-balanced Floor Cranes are really useful in machine shops and other manufacturing environments where access is restricted by floor level objects


    LIFTING EQUIPMENT CATALOGUE 5 SD20L / SD26L • Quick and efficient lifting due to manual double acting pump • Low closed height of only 180 mm makes it suitable for vehicles with a low clearance • Flexible top support beam can be extended up to 1610 mm • Unique height adjustable support arm system designed to fit all current lifts

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    Lifting equipment is any work equipment for lifting and lowering loads, and includes any accessories used in doing so (such as attachments to support, fix or anchor the equipment). There are three key terms used in reference to the Regulations: 'lifting equipment';'lifting operations'; and 'the load'. Examples of lifting equipment include: overhead cranes and their supporting runways patient

  • C6 Cranes and lifting equipment Home Iron Ore

    C6 Cranes and lifting equipment 1. Scope This standard is applicable to all Rio Tinto business units and managed operations, including new acquisitions, admin/corporate offices and research facilities located off site; during exploration, through all development phases and construction, operation to closure

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    Bushman Equipment, Inc has great experience designing and building heavy duty material handling equipment such as lifting beams and spreader beams for use in primary steel mills,,this Level-Rite ® beam will reduce handling time by eliminating the need to adjust the load to do a balanced lift

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    Lifting Solutions. A fantastic range of winches, ladder hoists, floor cranes and forklift attachments at your fingertips. We provide the UK's widest range of lifting solutions, combined with an award-winning development team to create bespoke solutions for you. We boast equipment such as the Mobile Gantry Crane, which can lift up to 5000kg. It

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    Crown Lift Trucks Australia has the lifting equipment and material handling products to get the job done. Learn about our great range of forklift services.


    LIFTING EQUIPMENT CATALOGUE 5 SD20L / SD26L • Quick and efficient lifting due to manual double acting pump • Low closed height of only 180 mm makes it suitable for vehicles with a low clearance

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    Welcome to Lifting Gear UK. The one stop provider for a complete lifting and handling equipment service, with branches throughout the UK. Whether your requirement is equipment hire, sales, on or off site testing, repairs, LOLER inspections or bespoke fabrications, Lifting Gear UK has both the expertise and equipment to get the job done.

  • Guide to Safe Slinging and Signalling Health & Safety Hub

    must be developed by the appointed person (lifting) and the crane team must be properly briefed in those procedures. For simplicity, this booklet will refer to all lifting equipment as cranes, but this will cover all lifting equipment where the load is suspended including: • Tower cranes • Mobile and crawler cranes • Lorry loaders

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    Count on genuine Ingersoll Rand equipment, accessories and services for your material handling requirements. Easy configuration to meet worldwide standards and 3rd party type approvals along with high quality manufacturing in ISO 9001 level advanced facilities make us the choice for high capacity and industrial applications around the world.

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    A large range of pipe handling equipment available for your lifting and rigging needs. We have more than 1,500 lifting, rigging and height safety products to choose from. Shop today from Australia's leading lifting supplier, All Lifting.

  • Proper Lifting Technique to Avoid Back Problems

    10/07/2019· Lift close to your body. You will be a stronger and more stable lifter if the object is held close to your body rather than at the end of your reach. Make sure you have a firm hold on the object you are lifting and keep it balanced close to your body. Feet should be shoulder-width apart. Having a solid base of support is important while lifting


    • lifting equipment not used for lifting persons 12 months • lifting equipment used for lifting persons or preventing a person falling 6 months. However each time you use lifting equipment you should visually inspect it for defects. If any are found then the equipment must be clearly marked as defective, quarantined and taken out of

  • Lifting, pushing and pulling (manual handling) Safe Work

    A well-designed work area, work procedures, ergonomically designed tools and equipment will help eliminate or reduce risk factors associated with hazardous manual tasks. Failure to appropriately manage hazardous manual tasks may result in a breach of WHS laws.

  • Crane Forks Brick Forks Lifting Forks Conquip UK

    Manufactured with a spring loaded lifting eye, which ensures a balanced lift at all times. Fully self leveling when placed on the ground ensuring storage of the forks is easy and safe. Adjustable height allows flexibility with size of load lifting, particularly with the telescopic crane forks option.

  • Steel Coil Hooks Materials Handling

    The LCH Coil Hook is balanced between loaded and unloaded by moving the lifting ring along the suspension bar. The Safe Working Load (SWL) of this unit varies between 1 4 tonne (refer chart below) depending on type chosen. This unit is suitable for lifting coils up to 1200 mm in width.

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    Find accessories that easily modify your lift, including caster sets, pallet forks, platforms, ramps and safety brakes. The right material handling devices can reduce downtime and costs and improve workflow. With the proper lifting equipment, you can make loading tasks both safe and efficient for everyone in the workplace.

  • Audio Wiring and Grounding Balanced Power Technology

    The best way to deal with this equipment is to leave the two prong cord on it, isolate that chassis from any rack rails or other chassis, balance the audio with a direct box or audio isolation transformer and connect it to the console or other device's balanced connections. Then lift the audio ground/shield of the balanced line at the inputs so

  • Planning and supervision of lifting operations Safe

    Lifting operations need to be properly planned by a competent person who has both practical and theoretical knowledge, and who has experience of planning lifts. The lifting plan needs to consider the risks involved, the equipment needed, the procedures for the lift, and who has to do what. For

  • ATB AirBalancer Konecranes

    The ATB AirBalancer has been designed to enhance the natural lifting motion of the operator. Choose an up/down control, a balancing control, or combine the two. Air balancing equipment is compatible with a wide range of other crane systems, including the Konecranes XA and XM workstation cranes, and our jib cranes as well.